Akeyrra Mini 40

Compact 40% Keyboard + Acrylic Case

Project Status: Group Buy (Start: 2021-March-22)

1. Concept & Design

Project begin from deciding the form factor, keys layout, PCB design, and case design.

2. Interest Check

Gather interest and comments. Contact manufacturers for production.

3. Group Buy

Gather enough people to make purchase and begin manufacturing.

4. Product Fulfillment

Packaging and shipment to clients and supporters.

Group Buy

Akeyrra Mini40 is my first attempt in keyboard concept + design, and running a GB. The design is minimalistic, and the 40% form factor is meant for portability and those who are space conscious. Case is made from 2 pieces of clear acrylic for maximum transparency to highlight the RGB underglow (12x WB2818B). The PCB also support per key LED (single colour). The PCB features a USB-C connector, ESD protection, and a handy reset button (accessible through case bottom).

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Price: $165 CAD / $130 USD (+shipping)

Akeyrra Mini40 GB include:

- Akeyrra Mini40 PCB
- Akeyrra Mini40 Acrylic Case (2 pieces)
- M2 mounting hardware:

M2x14 DIN965 screws (x8), M2x16 DIN912 screws (x4),

M2x4 F-F Standoff (x8), M2 DIN934 Hex Nuts (x12)

Akeyrra Mini 40 - rendering

(Front and back view)

Akeyrra Mini 40 - rendering

PCB - top view

PCB - bottom view

RGB LED underglow (12x WB2818B)

Acrylic Case

Acrylic Case (Bottom) - Side View

Acrylic Case + Aluminum Plate

Anodized Aluminum Plate

Layout 1

R3= 1.25u - 1u (Rightmost) 

R4= 1.25u - 1.75u - 1.75u - 1.25u (Center)

Layout 2

R3= 1u - 1.25u (Rightmost)

R4= 2u - 2u Spacebar (Center)

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