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First Project - Akeyrra84

You can read more on the Akeyrra84 development: 

Lesson in humility - OCT 2020

We know many things about IT, networks, software and devices. But we never run a business.
We managed to register a business, setup a website, bought some parts and tried hand wire a keyboard, while burning a hole in the budget, and 2 months has gone... but no sales!

Why keyboard?

We are/were IT professionals, and nothing is more intimate than our keyboard and mouse. And we are fascinated by the different variations and customizations one can have with a keyboard, therefore we all wanted to have one of our own! Those who have been in the mechanical keyboard community for awhile may know, buying/getting the keyboard & parts you want is a time-consuming and expensive.
So, we wanted to change this norm. 

The Akeyrra beginning - Aug 2020

We began during the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, where we were all confined at home most of the time.
And we thought... why not start our stay-at-home business?

And thus has been born.